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Malina Omut A colleague of mine recently made this prediction: In a sense, though, I am still in school—most of us are.

As we make our contributions and manage others, we grow and adapt, and so do our organizations, creating new reasons and ways for us to stretch. Some employers help by providing venues for mentoring, coaching, and networking. And although some forward-thinking employers with plentiful resources have corporate universities, most companies seem to view continuing education as self-directed—something that people take on in addition to their regular duties as invested members of their organizations, families, and communities.

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Where should the responsibility lie? Edward D.

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Hess, a Darden business professor, urges companies to assume a greater share of it. Hess draws on a large body of research on the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral factors that promote learning and on the kinds of leaders, cultures, and policies that enable businesses to change and survive.

And he holds up several exemplars—describing in some detail, for instance, how the investment firm Bridgewater Associates structures internal conversations as debates, exploratory discussions, or teaching moments.

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Further Reading Learn or Die: Hess Rookie Smarts: Sure, leaders may encourage employees to sign up for extra training and courses—but how many people will find time to engage properly, or at all, if their workloads remain the same and their studying must be done after hours?

Liz Wiseman, a leadership adviser, even makes the case that a predisposition to learning often gives inexperienced people an edge over their more seasoned colleagues, who may be encumbered by what they know and assume. In her new book, Rookie Smarts, Wiseman says rookies close their knowledge and skills gaps by scanning the landscape for information, marshaling as many experts as they can, listening carefully, and making connections.

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When facing brand-new challenges, they work their way single taken at the gym and dont have time mastery incrementally but quickly, conducting small experiments and frequently checking in with stakeholders to mitigate risk. The consultants Sebastian Bailey and Octavius Single taken at the gym and dont have time say you can develop it with the many mental exercises they offer in Mind Gym recently released in the United States, after gaining a UK following.

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And the exercises are fun, in small doses. But even the logo partnersuche of us will make much more progress if our organizations set us up for success.

A version of this article appeared in the November issue of Harvard Business Review.

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Lisa Burrell is a senior editor at Harvard Business Review.